Adriana’s 21st Key

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There is a tradition of 21st Key making in our family. My dad has made keys for many of us.  So when Paul Hubner asked me to help him make his sisters 21st key, it felt like a natural thing to do.  I adore Adriana and wanted to help create something true to her character and something which would mean a lot to her.

The design on the front was laser jet cut from a sketch I created symbolising Adriana’s flight into the future of her world.  Paul converted the sketch into digital form and cut.

I created the key shape design, which echoes Cathedral ceilings and Gothic Architectural elements, whilst embracing the heart of everything intrinsically Adriana. As you can see it opens like a book and now encloses all the special messages from her friends and family.

I hope this is something she will treasure forever, as I really enjoyed working with her brother on this special gift for her.


Photography by Amanda Feher and Giuseppe Vizzone.