I enjoy undertaking commissions and helping breathe life and vision into my clients homes and places of business.

I operate on a very simple, honest agreement which works fairly for both the Client and the Artist.

By creating a range of different artworks in both two and three dimensions across a range of different sizes and mediums, I find that I am able to produce works to suit a range of collectors.  I create original artworks, never copying another one I have created.  Creating exclusive pieces is important to me as I like my clients to have something unique to them, and an artwork that no-one else in the world owns.

I find the relationships I have with my clients very rewarding, and many of them have become life long friends.  I love a challenge, and find the world of art to be a place which constantly stimulates learning and growth, this, along with seeing my clients light up, is very gratifying.

For commission enquiries please email me at-  sales@amandafeher.com.au

In addition to commissions, I also have a range of sculptures, paintings and drawings in stock.

If you would like to see any of the works in the artists stockroom, you can email me at info@amandafeher.com.au and I can send through copies of the works I have available.