Flex Sunbird

During the work that I was doing for Jezzine Barracks, I was approached by Townsville City Council to create a sculpture for the Strand.  This was a National Disaster Relief funded project with a very limited budget.

The aim of the project was to celebrate the resilience of the people of Townsville and North Queensland in general to the effects of Cyclone and Natural Disasters. The public art sculpture is comprised of three main elements, which both together and independently, symbolise the natural regeneration and re-building after a disaster occurs.

The Olive Backed Sunbird is native to the north and Townsville area. If the Olive Backed Sunbird’s nest is damaged by weather, they will often return to repair and inhabit the same nest again or rebuild close by.

Originally a mangrove dwelling species, the highly adaptable Sunbird has successfully inhabited and bred in Cultivated and Urban landscapes. The Sunbird with all its traits, lends itself as the perfect symbol of resilience.”

The Grass Blade type form represents the tumultuous local environment, with its flexibility when long, and its ability to regrow after being cut down.  This is also true of many of the people who rebuild after their homes are damaged in Natural Disaster Events.

Below the sculpture, the landscaping forms Isobaric Ring configuration and references Storm Radar Map colour schemes we are familiar with seeing on weather maps during extreme weather events.

I really hope you enjoy the sculpture.


Amanda Feher


Photography by Wyn Binmore

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