Public Art at Jezzine Barracks

For the past two years i have been involved with Public Art works at Jezzine Barracks Redevelopment in Townsville.  It has really kept me busy and has not left too much time to do anything else. I was approach by Jumbana Group to initially produce one work, “Sentinel Soldiers”, This work is a celebration of parts of the Military history of the Jezzine site.

From this initial contact I eventually ended up working on five sculptures across the site, Sentinel Soldiers, Canoe People, Gabul Ceremonies, Bush Honey and Seven Sisters. This project has been immensely challenging and hugely rewarding for many different reasons. Some of the most rewarding aspects of the project have been the relationships that have been formed. In the additional four works that I undertook I collaborated with three Aboriginal artists, Billy Doolan (Gabul Ceramonies, Canoe People), Karen Doolan (Seven Sisters) and Susan Peters (Bush Honey). I had such a great experience with these artists. Susan, who unfortunately moved back to WA early in the project, was so easy to work with and Billy and Karen Doolan are now extended family.

I have attached some photographs of the works but please have a look through the site for more images and for other examples of my work.





Photography by Wyn Binmore, Amanda Feher and Giuseppe Vizzone.