Angel’s Rest is a public art sculpture that I was approached by Atherton Shire Council (now Tableland Regional Council) to create. The brief for the sculpture was to design a work that would be mounted on the Angel’s Rest Wall at the Atherton Children’s Cemetery to help provide support to grieving families of any denomination or cultural background.

The work features a large butterfly, representing transformation, with a heart shape pattern on her wings, symbolising love.  Ribbon forms then lead the visitor to the Chillagoe Marble plaque etched with a poem which I wrote.  A detail of this part of the work can be seen in the accompanying images.

I am happy to say that the feedback from people who sadly visit their children here, is that the work is of comfort to them.  This means a lot to me.

Photography by Amanda Feher.

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  • Title: Angel's Rest
  • Media: Painted Steel, Marble, 2000mm x 5000mm x 500mm
  • Client: Atherton Shire Council (now Tableland Regional Council).
  • Year: 2004

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