Augathella Meat Ant, A Public Art Sculpture at Meat Ant Park, Augathella, Murweh Shire, Queensland.

Augathella has quite a formidable foot ball team called the Mighty Meat Ants.  I was told by the locals that they were originally named because the Junior team looked like a bunch of little meat ants running around the field in their Maroon and Blue team colours.  Murweh Shire Council commissioned this sculpture to commemorate the local footy team and to have an iconic artwork to help promote Augathella and the surrounding region.

I had so much fun doing this project which created a lot of interest and had a lot of support.  It seems like the Meat Ant is on the TV pretty regularly on Travel and “Outdoors” shows, it is great that so many people are enjoying this sculpture.

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 Photography by Giuseppe Vizzone, Amanda Feher and Wyn Binmore.


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  1. Kylie Keough

    Who said art had to be small. Ha ha

  2. Penny Litchfield

    Wow, your meat ant is fantastic, my meat ant t shirt bought over 50 yrs ago in Augathella is a sacred possession…Penny litchfield(Chandler)

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