The Barramundi Sundial is my most local Public Art sculpture having been installed on the Lake Tinaroo foreshore. The sculpture was commissioned by the former Atherton Shire Council as a centre piece of theĀ redeveloped foreshore in 2003.

The sculpture is a working sundial and i am very happy to say that it tells the time pretty accurately. The work was inspired by activities around the lake and also the hidden history below the surface.

Tinaroo Dam was constructed in 1956 to increase water supply for irrigation of agriculture in the region. The year that I was commissioned for this work was a very low rainfall year and water levels in the lake were at less than 27% capacity, lots of things that were usually underwater were therefore visible, this included parts of the Old Kulara Township that was covered over by the formation of the lake.

The gnomon is a large stainless steel Barramundi celebrating the fishing for which Lake Tinaroo is renowned.

Please click on the individual thumbnails below to see each of the plaques that surround the sundial.




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  • Project: Barramundi Sundial
  • Media: Stainless Steel, Anodized Aluminium, concrete. 2000mm x 3500mm x 3500mm
  • Client: Atherton Shire Council (now Tableland Regional Council).
  • Year: 2004

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