An ephemeral Public Art Sculpture for Changing Lanes, Cairns.


Charmed is a collection of memories connected by the growth of the heart of Cairns City.

I have a personal family connection to the City Heart with my grandparents business, Crofton Clauson & Co Jewellers having operated in Cairns from the 1930’s to 2002.

The large scale charm bracelet made from an old style Gunter Survey Chain, represents visual images of the city’s past and its expansion; whilst referencing my family’s involvement in its development.

The good old days were when you couldn’t miss a Friday or Saturday night in the City,  jiving to live bands and promenading around “the golden block” whilst the boys did blockies (Driving round & round the block in their cars demanding attention & trying to impress the girls).

The city used to hum with the sound of welcome visitors arriving from the docs, excitement in the city was infectious.

Candid conversations about life in Cairns in the early days could be played by viewers.  (we are in the process of editing a snippet for you to play on this site)

Below is an ABC Tropical North Interview with the “Afternoons” show regarding the piece, aired on 6/5/2011.



The following excerpt is from the Carins Regional Council Website:

The Changing Lanes initiative is about transforming the Cairns CBD into a maze of artistic discovery.

The bi-annual Changing Lanes public art project aims to deliver a vibrant new dimension to Cairns by encouraging people to explore the city and discover rich, engaging and innovative temporary artworks.

Artists are encouraged to explore and demonstrate the creative capacity of urban spaces, engaging the viewer to experience the city from a new perspective.


Photography by Amanda Feher and Giuseppe Vizzone.

 Links for Changing Lanes;

Changing Lanes – CRC

Changing Lanes – Facebook.


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  • Project: Changing Lanes
  • Media: Mixed Media, 3200mm x 2400mm x 50mm
  • Project Coordinators: Cairns Regional Council
  • Year: 2011

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