I was approached by the family of the late Daniel Ropeyarn, of the Injinoo Community on the Cape York Peninsula, to create a work that would signify his message to the people of the area.

The work shows him gesturing that he had taken the town to one level and it was up to them to take it further.

This piece was a very gratifying work, it was challenging with only photos over his lifetime to go from, and a language barrier between myself and the family.  I learn’t through this process the power of communication through non-verbal means, with the family telling me exactly what I needed to know to make the work authentically like Daniel “without words”.

I loved creating this piece for the family and the community.

Photography By Giuseppe Vizzone.

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  • Title: Daniel Ropeyarn Tribute
  • Media: Bronze 1100mm x 900mm x 270mm
  • Client: Ropeyarn Family
  • Year: 2004

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