Flesh was a Solo Exhibition, and Auction at the Tableland Regional Gallery in Atherton North Queensland. The exhibition included both paintings and sculptures.

Giuseppe Vizzone did a solo performance with percussion instruments including the swiss hand drum “Hang”, some images of this are below.

The exhibition was opened by the Hon. Warren Entsch, some of his comments are below.

“I am thrilled to be part of the launch of Amanda’s next display of beautiful and poignant work.  As an avid collector of local artists, I had been aware of Amanda’s artwork since 1995.  In my capacity as the then Federal Member of Parliament, Amanda asked me to launch her 1998 show, “The Sensitive Sides of Man”, at the Cairns Regional Gallery.  On my acceptance, I visited her studio to meet with her and closely peruse her work.  I was astounded by the broad dimensions of her work across multiple mediums. 

I remember once reading  that the production of nudes in the art world is a tenuous business as it’s a little too raw for the average consumer.  Amanda has developed a remarkable technique which transcends this issue by producing spectacular work that seems to always necessitate a double take from viewers, followed by awe.  I have become a devoted disciple and collector of her work”.       

Hon. Warren Entsch



During the exhibition I ran a theme/concept competition for one of the works “The Moonlit Glade” asking viewers to describe what they considered the theme of the work to be.  The award was a limited edition framed archival print of the work.  There were some great entries and the winning entry went to 12 year old local Gabriella Thompson.   Following is her entry:

“Cold hands took her, holding her close

The darkness faded, revealing the light

They shone together, in their own separate worlds

Together forever, eternally apart

For one, the journey had just begun

For the other, it had ended all too soon

The last goodbye, in the end, was the hardest.”

Photography by Wyn Binmore and Giuseppe Vizzone.


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  • Project: Flesh Exhibition.
  • Media: Painting and Sculpture.
  • Venue: Tableland Regional Gallery, Atherton.
  • Year: 2008

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