She of the Oaks was the main part of the exhibit H2woe that had at the Cell Art Space in Lake street Cairns.

She of the Oaks (fondly known as the Autumn Fairy) sits surrounded by dry fallen leaves and plastic cups filled with and spelling WATER.

Her unique bush land structure with claw like hands and feet, symbolise her connection with native flora and fauna.  Wings of lichen which rely only on moisture from the atmosphere to survive slowly wither, denoting the water shortage issue.

Personally, the irony of this display comes with the Tsunami warning we received this morning, in many ways H 2 wOe.

I hope the audience enjoys this somewhat ephemeral installation, it will be interesting to see how much it changes over the month.


Please click on the thumbnail below to see larger images and additional information on the work.


 Photography by Amanda Feher and Giuseppe Vizzone.


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  • Project: H2woe Exhibition
  • Media: Mixed Media
  • Venue: Cell Art Space
  • Year: 2007

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