Nest Eggs is a sculpture which was privately commissioned by one of my private collectors from Sydney. This lovely woman waited several years for her sculpture and there were many incarnations along the way. I was overloaded with large commissioned public art pieces managed under strict timelines along the way, and she patiently waited for her piece. This eventuated in two other pieces, a copper rose and a marble leaf “Autumns Praise”, then finally “Nest Eggs”. The concept for Nest Eggs was inspired by the client, her husband and their three (now adult) boys.

A video of parts of the creation of this sculpture can be seen by following the Youtube link below.

 Photography by Giuseppe Vizzone.

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  • Title: Nest Eggs
  • Media: Wood, Copper, Coloured Chillagoe Marble, 475mm x 520mm x 360mm
  • Client: Private Commission
  • Year: 2012

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  2. So delicate & intricate I did not realize the nest was entirely of copper. I must ask what the ‘feather’ is made of? All of the different materials are so beautifully combined into one cohesive artwork. Congratulations to the lucky owner, gorgeous work Amanda.

    • wpadmin

      Thanks so much for your lovely feedback. The Black feather is made from Black Chillagoe Marble.

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