Ray The Cray was a very emotional piece for me. I was invited to exhibit at the Swell sculpture festival by Cathy Ray of the Ray Group, I had accepted the invitation and I was part way through fabrication when I learnt that Cathy had been killed in an aircraft accident. It was a difficult time and I still think of Cathy every time I see the sculpture.

Ray The Cray has been very well received by the public the few times he has crawled off our property, He was awarded the Stockland Public Art award at SWELL in 2005, and he was also awarded the Peoples Choice award when he entered Strand Ephemera in Townsville in 2009.

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  • Title: Ray The Cray
  • Media: Copper and Steel, 8500mm x 3500mm x 1200mm
  • Client: Swell Sculpture Festival
  • Year: 2005

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