A Public Art Sculpture at Jezzine Barracks, Townsville, in collaboration with Aboriginal Artist Karen Doolan.


The Seven Sisters is an Aboriginal women’s story, and from what Karen tells me, it is a story that exists all the way around the country.  I loved listening to Karen tell me this story. The passion and integrity with which she spoke really moved me. In addition, I felt really connected to the femininity of the story and I really loved working with the flowing forms of Karen’s original drawing.   It was an honour to be able to make her story and sketches come to life through this public artwork.

Karen’s story taken from the artists plaque on site is below:

“Dance and art are both very important to Karen Doolan and the two come together in this work.  The sculpture is based on a drawing by Doolan, and celebrates women and their importance in Aboriginal culture.  Her drawing was inspired by the creation story of the Seven Sisters who came down from the heavens bringing everything that was beautiful in the world. This is women’s business”.

The Seven Sisters is also an astrological constellation and is commonly known as Pleiades. The stars on the heads of each of the sisters is a reference to the constellation.

One of my favourite photographs of the sculpture is taken at night, because I feel that the lighting enhances the ethereal nature of the sisters and makes them look like they are just leaving the earth to return to the sky.


Photography by Giuseppe Vizzone, Amanda Feher and Wyn Binmore.

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  • Project: Jezzine Barracks Redevelopment
  • Media: 316 Stainless Steel, Approx. 2200m x 700mm x 400mm, each
  • Project Coordinators: Jumbana Group
  • Year: 2014

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