The Tracks have been placed in the pavement at the junction of Morong Street and Coondoo Street in the Kuranda Rainforest Village. The work is a historical piece that recalls the tracks that would have been left through the Rainforest Village before development occurred around the village. The tracks include those from footprints of men and women and children, to bicycles, horses, and dogs and other animals that roamed the town.  The location of this work is at the crossroads where townsfolk used to cross paths and socialise.

I had lots of trouble getting the dog’s paw prints. I wanted to use the prints from my dog, Lo, however, I had trained her too well. She had been taught not to walk on anything that I was working on which was on the floor, so when it came time for her to walk through the setting cement to form her indelible prints, she tried to walk around/ jump over it all the time, got to love her!. But we got there in the end….  A little girl from the primary school also helped with prints and also looked after Lo, she was lovely.

Photography by Amanda Feher

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  • Project: Tracks
  • Media: Pavement Work, Concrete and Oxides 5000mm x 3500mm
  • Client: Mareeba Shire Council
  • Year: 2003

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