Students Create a School of Flying Fish

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Earlier this year I conducted some sculpture workshops at the Kairi Primary School. It was fantastic to see the students cut loose Jackson Pollock Style, throwing paint around to create the Yellow Winged Flying Fish wing patterns,  and then really honing their skills to conduct the fine cutting and assemblage work to create the rest of the fish.  The students came to my Studio’s first to see how a full time artist works, viewing Stock Works, the Gallery, Maquettes for Public Art Projects as well as some of my full size Public Art Sculptures and the functioning Sculpture Studio. Their eyes lit up when I did the Brazing Demonstration for them and it was amazing to hear the collective sigh as they entered my Painting Studio to look up and see the large works lining the Gallery Walls.  I hope that these experiences have opened up some new avenues for the students and that they may be more involved in art from now on.