A Public Art Sculpture at Jezzine Barracks, Townsville, in collaboration with Aboriginal Artist Susan Peters.

The Bush Honey Grevilleas represented in this sculpture were used as a source of sweet nectar and a cooling drink by the Aboriginal Peoples in hot weather. The nectar was known as Wild Honey, and was used extensively throughout the region.

The large balls on the ends of the Grevillea stamens have been formed by used grinding balls from large scale metaliferous grinding mills, these were kindly donated by Simms Metal in Townsville.


Photography by Giuseppe Vizzone, Amanda Feher and Wyn Binmore.


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  • Project: Jezzine Barracks Redevelopment
  • Media: Painted Galvanised Steel, 1600-900mm x 760mm x 500mm
  • Project Coordinators: Jumbana Group
  • Year: 2013

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